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At  CRY Houston we believe,  “Change is possible, because I will make it possible”.  CRY Houston is a volunteer driven chapter of CRY America. CRY America supports organizations and initiatives in US and India that (a) seek to mobilize communities at the grassroots level, so that they are able to solve their problems themselves (b) work with State institutions to effect policy reform and implementation (c) seek to support and enhance the capacity and quality of grass roots initiatives.

Reports released reveal that:

  • 46% of children in India are underweight, 38% stunted and 19% wasted.
  • 53% children in India reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.
  • 17 million child laborers in India 
  • 180 out of 581 districts in India have seen primary school enrolments fall 
  • 88,000 schools (nearly 8%) in India still do not have a blackboard in their classes 

Since its existence, CRY America has irreversily changed the lives of over 280,000 children living across 1,762 rural, triabl and urban communities of India through 47 projects. Also funded for key projects in US like Voices for Americas Children, Children Welfare League of America and Children Rights Inc.

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Rock for Charity – Supporting CRY America: April 7th, 2012


Rock for Charity

Are you ready for some Classic Rock?

For a few years, few of us have been talking about recreating our “Rock Jams” at Inter-Collegiate Fests – where we immerse ourselves in nostalgic fun, where we enjoy pure unadulterated classic rock. While doing that, let’s raise funds for charity to help the underprivileged in India as well as here in USA.


Horizon Fusion Band, a motley crew of talented musicians, who have feverishly pursued music while being a doctor or engineer or a professional, brings a wide diversity of classic rock from Pink Floyd to Dire Straits, Beatles to Bon Jovi, Clapton to Santana.

While enjoying high-quality classic rock, we will raise substantial funds for charity, to give back to the country and community, which nurtured us and it is now our turn to support. We have selected two charities – IACF (Indo-American Charity Foundation) for their charitable work here in the Houston community and CRY-America, for their focus on underprivileged children with regards to their health, education as well as prevention of child labor in India

With that in mind, we cordially invite you to Rock for Charity Night in Spring, 2012 – April 7th starting at 6:30PM.  Thanks for joining us and help make this event a grand success and in turn change the lives of under-privileged children one step at a time!

Check out our Facebook Page for additional information.

CRY Houston’s 5K Walk on October 23, 2011 at Lost Creek Park, Sugarland.

Thanks for joining us and help make this event a grand success and in turn change the lives of under-privileged children one step at a time!  Check our Events Page for additional information.

Check out the Pictures from CRY Houston Walk 2010: