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Washington DC Action Center

CRY Washington DC Action Center (AC) is one of the action centers of CRY America Inc. targeting the regions in and around Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia to spread awareness and raise funds for the CRY cause.

Our AC was started in January of 2009 in order to support CRY America initiatives and tap into the amazing potential of volunteers, donors, organizations, activities, and ideas in this area.

We’re a new and energetic action center, and hope to create a strong network of CRY America supporters in DC – support that will restore to underprivileged children their basic rights to education, health care, recreation etc – the right to a meanigful childhood.

We are in the process of planning several exciting events in 2011, such as:

* Sur-Taal (a showcase of Indian Music/Dance) – June 4th, 2011

  Buy Tickets here:

Future events:
* CRY Walk for Child Rights 2011 – July 2011
* CRY Cricket/Volleyball/Chess – August 2011
* CRY Fund-raising Dinner – October 2011
* Nritya Mala 2011 (a JHU dance event) – November 2011
* DJ Party and Happy-hour nights

We know that all children have rights – yet millions of children continue to be denied their childhood for no fault of theirs. CRY America is trying to build a movement that can steadily gather momentum and irrevocably change children’s lives. Volunteers form the core of the organization and we need your support.

* If it bothers you to see children who have lost their childhood.
* If you are moved to act when you see children’s rights being violated.
* If you would like to be part of a movement that is impacting the lives of thousands of children.


There are many ways in which you can volunteer – you can choose to be part of awareness campaigns or fund raising events or simply advocate for the rights of children among your family, friends and colleagues.

You can be a volunteer involved with planning the CRY events or assisting the other volunteers on the event days.

YOU can make a difference – stand up for what is right and join our Washington DC Action Center today! Your ideas and support is greatly appreciated – do join us today here !

You can get regular updates of our events by joining our Facebook page here.

Contact Information:
Sridhar Ramakrishnan (AC Lead)