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CRY-Armman-MCC Cricket Tourament 2011 – Schedule-Results

General Information
Schedule & Results

Teams will be allocated to one of three groups (A, B or C) for the initial matches, based on the order of registration.  Additional information on the format, Pre-semifinals, Semifinals & Finals can be found in the 'Tournament Rules' section.

Group A

  • TCS-Walgreens (W) vs Chicago Blues
  • TCS-Walgreens (W) vs Eagles
  • Eagles (W) vs Chicago Blues

July 18th

6pm to 11pm

Group B

  • Crybabies (W) vs NAPS
  • Crybabies (W) vs Shockers
  • Shockers (W) vs NAPS

July 19th

6pm to 11pm

Group C

  • Phadoo Xi (W) vs Seals Cricket Club
  • Phadoo XI (W) vs Scalar Nawab's
  • Seals Cricket Club (W) vs Scalar Nawab's

July 20th

6pm to 11pm


  • TCS-Walgreens vs NAPS (W)
  • Crybabies (W) vs Seal Cricket Club
  • Shockers vs Eagles (W)

July 21st

6pm to 11pm


  • Crybabies vs Eagles (W)
  • NAPS vs Phadoo XI (W)


  • Phadoo XI beat Eagles

July 25th

6pm to 11pm

Results will be published at the end of each day's play.