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CRY-Armman-MCC Cricket Tournament 2011 – Rules

General Information
Schedule & Results
  • 8 overs will be played for each innings during the elimination rounds.
  • Taped Tennis balls will be used for all matches.
  • The 9 teams will be divided into 3 groups A, B & C of 3 teams each.

Group A  – July 18th                     Group B  – July 19th

Group C  – July 20th           

Two points will be awarded for each win.

  • The top 7 teams from each group will qualify for the next round. For the top 7 spot first total points and then NRR will be considered. The top number one team will automatically qualify for the semi-finals. Remaining 6 teams will play PRE-SEMIFINAL on 21st July and winners will qualify for the SEMIFINALS on 25th July. FINALS will be played after SEMIFINAL on the same day i.e. 25th July.
  • On the first 3 days, there will be a random selection of two teams that will play the first match. So all the teams playing that particular day need to be present on the grounds at 6pm. Then the winner plays the 2nd game. Food and drinks will be provided everyday for the players.
  • For a match to begin, a minimum of 7 players must be present from each team.
  • There will be an umpiring/scoring committee which will govern the matches.
  • Only 2 fielders will be allowed OUTSIDE the 30 yard radius, during the first 2 overs and last 2 overs of an innings.
  • A player can register for any number of teams after indicating the primary team. Interested individuals will be required to register separately for each team.
  • New players can be added to a team irrespective of whether they have played the preliminary matches or not i.e. teams may add new players at the pre-semi final or semi-final levels too.
  • There are no LBW(s) and no runs for leg byes.
  • A boundary is defined as anything that crosses the rope – 4 or 6.
  • "Overstepping" no ball will result in a FREE HIT.
  • For the entire duration of the match, there should be ATLEAST 2 fielders anywhere within 15 yards of the batsman.
  • In case of a tie at the end of a regular match, there will be an "overtime" of one Super over. Each team will pick 1 bowler to bowl and 3 batsmen. If 2 wickets fall before the Super over, that's considered the end of that inning. After one Super over on each side, the team with the maximum runs wins. A further tie will result in a coin toss to determine a winner. The Super Over runs will not be counted towards the total NRR of the teams.
  • In case of heavy rain showers, there may be a change in schedule (announced to all team captains via email). In case of light rain, players will wait at least 45 minutes before the umpires can make a decision about canceling the matches.
  • Bowler needs to bowl regular cricket bowling. No throws allowed.
  • Main umpire will explain the rules to the teams before the matches begin.
  • Main Umpire’s decision is FINAL. Main umpire can consult the tournament committee to resolve any issues/decisions on the field.